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I've built my career on breaking down the technical boundaries that lie between musicians and the realization of their art. Whether it's at multitrack facilities like Union Sound Company, or production spaces like Raventape Music Room, I pride myself on running sessions that run seamlessly and smoothly. I do this by constantly building upon my expertise of recording technology, and by using my skills in a way that helps musicians stay in the moment and create.



A great listening environment is crucial to achieving clarity size, and separation in a mix. Having a trustworthy listening space also frees up creative bandwidth to get your music's aesthetic just right. I mix at Raventape Music Room, which is an acoustically treated space that was meticulously designed by Signal Acoustics. The setup features a Solid State Logic mixer, Adam Monitors, and support for formats from stereo to immersive. Most importantly, I believe the best mixes are a result of a meaningful collaboration. I'm here to listen to your music, and to your ideas.



I have a diverse catalog spanning genres such as Alternative, R&B, Electronic, Rock, Jazz & Blues, and many others. Working with me allows you to tap into that expertise, and to craft a production that stands out amongst the rest.

Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos is an immersive audio format that's changing the way listeners experience music. I am one of the earliest Dolby-approved music mixers in Canada, and have worked tirelessly at developing techniques to maximize immersive productions. Using a 7.1.4 speaker array of Adam monitors, I am mixing and mastering on a speaker setup that's precisely tuned to Dolby's specifications. I'm constantly pushing to be at the forefront of knowledge in this format, and would love to bring that knowledge to your Dolby Atmos mixing project.


With analog signal processing from Manley, Pendulum, and Tegeler Audio, as well as the best available digital tools, I am able to master your music for any format including Streaming, CD, Vinyl, and Dolby Atmos.

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